Interesting Day Trips

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Lagos day trips offer a little bit of everything for all members of the family. Shopping, nature, and activities await exploration while visiting Lagos. Day trips provide culture and an experience to treasure. Lekki Conservation Center Swamp land and savannah are homes to crocodiles, mona monkeys, and several other creatures you will want to see in the Lekki Conservation Center. Spend a day, arriving early in the morning to tour through the ecosystems the center strives to protect. Walk along the wooden walkways and trails to see the animals in their natural habitats. Bring along a pair of binoculars to spot the many different birds that spend their time here. Not to worry about safety since the areas are fenced and guards stroll the grounds to ensure visitors’ safety. Visiting this Lagos day trip is free for entry. Akodo Beach Akodo Beach is the ultimate in fun for a day trip to the beach. Since it is set up to be a tourist attraction, Akodo Beach has something for every member in the family. An amusement park and rides are located nearby at the beach. Enjoy spinning on the fast rides or playing games. Restaurants spread across the beach for snacks and meals <http://> during the day. Spread out the towel in the sunshine to catch some rays. Enjoy a dip in the local pool or ocean at this serene beach. Olumo Rock Enjoy this popular destination–just a short drive from Lagos to Abeokuta. The destination is made of rocks that the Egba people inhabited during the 19th century. This day trip includes a museum, restaurants, fountains and an elevator for all to see the spectacular views of the city and surrounding area. Climb the stairs to the top to see the view and natural caves where the Egba used to hide. Shop the Itoku market to find treasures from art and traders. The market is right outside of the rock formation where bracelets, beads, sculptures, and many other things wait to be bought. Oba’s Palace Just north of Lagos is the palace of Oba, built over 300 years ago. An application must be put in to the Secretary of the Oba of Lagos for permission to tour the palace. Plan this visit in advance to see the ornate wooden doors, totem poles, and statues. Sungbo’s Eredo An hour’s drive from Lagos is a trip back in time. Visit the 100-mile wall system that is known to be a wonder of the world. The forest encroaches along the wall system that was built over 1000 years ago. Boat Ride You can also take boat rides on the Lagos creek, which might be fun! You can take a ride to Tarkwa bay or Ilashe for a day out at the beach. These places are islands off Victoria Island. Epe Fish Market A day trip to Epe fish and meat market is well worth a visit. This township is on the Lekkie expressway and can take a couple of hours to get there. Be prepared to bargain hard. Ibadan Another day trip is to the ancient city of Ibadan. There is a University complex there and also a very interesting zoo. This is about a one and a half to two hour drive from Lagos. Eleko Beach is in the direction of Epe. Very nice tropical beach where you can buy fresh fish, prawns etc very cheaply. Many traders visit this beach particularly on a Sunday selling anything from beads, tablecloths, furniture


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