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Why we are here:

To make matching your client requirements with our hotel effortless.

How we’ve done it:

By putting you first We appreciate you recommending De ritz Hotel to your clients and look forward to providing them with positive travel experiences. Have a questions? Contact us

We want your partnership

We look forward to being part of your brand experience, which is why we pay commissions on most rate categories. It’s also why our commissions are as easy as possible

How Our Commissions Work

We value our partnership, and feel that good business is as much about reliability as it is about building a positive, rewarding relationship, and how we handle commissions is a part of it. Commissions are paid to retail travel agencies for consumed bookings in most retail rate categories, including Rack, Corporate, Weekend and Specials. Commissions are paid on room rates only and exclude taxes and service charges. Payments are made in your Preferred Currency. Detailed Statements are provided featuring: The guest name, dates of stay, room rate and commission calculation are detailed for each reservation. Cancellations, no shows and extended/short stays are identified. Commission inquiries may be directed to: The Manager, De Ritz Hotel, Tel:+234-1-2704971, 7261366 Or, send an e-mail to Please provide the following information:

Our website

puts the information and tools you rely on most – the ability to research our offerings, right at your fingertips. We’ve also included textural information – such as vivid descriptions of each of our rooms and local area information so that you can unite clients with our hotel and we will not just meet, but exceed expectations. Expand Your Clients Options Learn more about each of our rooms, the qualities of each one, why they are different, and why guests come back. We are here to help you open our hotel doors to your clients and looking to do more – provide more tools, more information about our properties and finding more ways to help you help your clients.


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